"Life is passing you by. You need to learn to take a few risks every once in a while."
―Sydney to Vee (film).

Sydney Sloane is a character in the book, and subsequent film adaptation, Nerve. She is one of Vee Delmonico's best friends, and a popular player on the online game NERVE. She is responsible for Vee's involvement in the game, which began in an attempt to help Vee break out of her shell.


Sydney aspires to play NERVE, but ultimately is unable to due to her commitments to the school play (as the final round of NERVE takes place on the play's closing night).

Sydney encourages Vee to sign up to play NERVE, but soon becomes jealous when Vee quickly becomes one of the top ten most popular players.


Sydney is described as a drama queen who obsessively wants to play NERVE.

Sydney is described as a drama queen who obsessively wants to play NERVE to gain fame.



  • According to the film, her birthday is sometime in April.
    • A note can be seen on Vee's laptop reminding her to throw a surprise party for Sydney on April 27th.


"Don't let me down and I won't let you down, I promise."
―Sydney to her Watchers (film).
"What is it you think? That playing nerve is just gonna

magically make you a different person?"

―Sydney while fighting with Vee (film).




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