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Abigail is a recurring character in the book Nerve. She was a popular Player who won the March round of NERVE, later to discover the subsequent consequences of her NERVE fame.


The prologue explains the situation of Abigail, a winner from the March games (likely in Richmond) who escapes to a state park to avoid the paparazzi. Tired of fame, she fails to realize a stalker followed her into the woods, and must jump down a waterfall to avoid getting kidnapped at gunpoint by her crazed fan. Abigail is referenced several times later in the novel, but most of the characters believe she staged the trip for attention, until they realize the true horrors of the game from which she was trying to escape.



  • Abigail is briefly referenced by Sydney in the film adaptation as 'the girl who won Seattle', who Sydney claims has become 'insta-famous' and now has millions of followers.